Amazing Rim Fire Story Behind the Story

Many people don’t really know the whole story about the Rim Fire.  Now’s your chance to get an insider’s perspective on one of the largest fires in the US in a century.  In his new book, “California’s Rim Fire: Behind the Headlines”, BJ Hansen, news director for 3 radio stations serving the counties affected by the blaze takes you behind the scenes of not only one of the most destructive, but one of the most divisive natural disasters in California’s history.  Pick up your copy  today on

More from the book’s description:  “The Rim Fire of 2013 in the Stanislaus National Forest had all the ingredients of a perfect drama, and that is why it became an international news story. It was an out-of-control raging fire that put thousands of homes at risk, ripped through portions of Yosemite National Park, and created concerns about the water supply for San Francisco. “California’s Rim Fire: Behind The Headlines” is the culmination of in-depth interviews with several of the key players that responded to the fire and community members impacted. It is designed to paint a clear picture, for the first time, of the early efforts to stop the fire when it was only a couple of hundred acres. It also details what led to its explosive growth, the controversial investigation into the cause, how a community rallied together, and the divisive political debates it ignited.”

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